The fashion industry has an immense negative impact on the environment. This is why we believe in reusing old fabrics and clothes! Our production is done locally in the Netherlands, so we have no import emissions.

Founded in 2020: IZZI LABEL is the new brand that takes a stand towards a more sustainable future. A better world needs better fashion! Re-modeling second hand fabrics and clothing into new bespoke and unique fashion. Every fabric used is different, therefore every piece sold is an original.


Inez Aline de Jong graduated as a Fashion designer from ArtEZ institute of the arts in 2019.

From a young age I have had a lot of affinity with creating fashion. My goal was always to go to art school and study this craft. Once I achieved this, I saw more and more flaws in the fashion industry. Things like water pollution, child labor, overconsumption and landfills full of new, never bought clothes that will be buried or burned. Still in love with the craft but not agreeing with the consumerism, I decided to strive for a better future with better fashion. 

‘Usually I work with my own developed textiles. I like to mix them, and create a blend of fabrics and prints within an outfit.’

I like layering, whether it is in different pieces of clothes or within the fabric itself. Usually I work with many of my own fabrics. Another aspect that comes back in all my designs is asymmetry, and I always find a way to implement this in my work. A lot of my inspiration comes from pictures I take while walking through different cities. These pictures are of patterns I see in the streets, buildings, stains on different surfaces and nature. I like to take the pictures and make a repeat-pattern print of developed textiles from them.’